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Pitching Mounds

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Portable Pitching Mounds

Choose from a large selection of Portable Pitching Mounds here at Pitching Machines Now! We carry all the best brands including Pitch Pro, Portolite, ProMounds, Proper Pitch, and True Pitch. All of the brands that we offer make high quality commercial grade portable pitching mounds with a variety of different lengths and heights to meet the needs of every age group. Each manufacturer has engineered their product line differently creating a wide variety of mounds. Below will break down all of the brands of portable pitching mounds for sale on our site and help you to find the perfect mound for you!

Portable Pitchers Mounds

Every Pitch Pro Pitching Mound is made with an industrial grade fiberglass core to have unmatched superior quality. The fiberglass core is made to last and does a great job withstanding rain and other inclement weather. The core is covered by artificial turf. All of their pitching mounds come with a pitching mound rubber, and every mound except for the 334 features a launch pad. They have nine different models that come in all different sizes to meet the needs of every age group. The smallest mound that they offer is the Pitch Pro Model 334. This is their only 4-inch high mound and is great for younger players. It is super portable and lightweight making easy to practice anywhere. The next size up is their 6-inch high pitching mounds. The Pitch Pro models 465, 486, 796 are their three 6-inch mounds. These are great for youth players because they are regulation height for little league. The next size up is the 8-inch mounds. They offer the 504 as a BP platform and the 898 as a game mound. The 898 is one of the few 8-inch portable pitching mounds and is used mostly by 5070 leagues. The largest size portable pitching mound that Pitch Pro makes is their 10-inch mounds. They have the 508 and the 516 which are both BP platforms. They also have the 8121 which is a full sized 10-inch game mound. The 8121 is the biggest mound Pitch Pro carries and can be used for middle schools, high schools, colleges, and professional teams. Their BP platform practice models are primarily used by academies and by teams in batting cages. Using a Practice Pitching Mound allows you to throw pitches from a higher surface adding another element that will help to simulate a real game.

Portable Pitchers Mound

Portolite also offers a great selection of high quality portable pitching mounds. All Portolite mounds are made out of reinforced foam technology. Due to this technology, you will get a lot of mileage out of all of their products. The new pitching mound rubbers that are installed on their products are made to last ten times longer than the industry standard. They have four practice pitching mounds which are great for indoor training. They are all guaranteed not to cause any damage or scratching to gym floors. One of the practice pitching mounds they make is the Economy model. Like the Pitch Pro 334, the economy portable pitching mound is their smallest model. It is great for outdoor use to practice your pitching skills and can be moved and stored with ease. It is a great way to help simulate an elevated surface without having to go to the field. Portolite also features five game models ranging from 4 inches high to 10 inches high. The 6 Inch Full Length Game Mound is the most popular model for little leagues across the country. It comes in either green or clay and is ideal for ages 9-14. The 10 Inch Game Mound is great for middle schools all the way up to professional teams. It is made with the highest quality astroturf and meets the dimensions for the MLB's recommended slope.

Practice Pitching Mound

ProMounds has a selection of ten top quality portable pitching mounds. The core is constructed of high density foam which is lightweight and durable. The turf is spike resistant and proven to last a long time. Their spike resistant artificial turf gives the pitching mounds that real game feel. The ProMounds Major League Game Mound is one of their more popular models. It is 6” H x 5’ W x 8’3” L and only weighs 70 pounds. With it only weighing 70 pounds, it is very easy to move on and off the field. It is available in green or clay to blend in with your field. It is also the official Little League Pitching Mound!

Portable Pitching Mound

Proper Pitch is another great manufacturer with a lot of top notch pitching mounds to choose from. The Jr. Pro Mound is one of Proper Pitch’s best selling portable pitching mounds. It is 6” H x 42” W x 6’ L. The Jr. Pro comes with a non-slip, non-marking rubber backing which makes it great for indoor use as well. Proper Pitch has a few Tapered Game Mounds that are great to perform pickoff moves. All Proper Pitch products are backed by a 1 year warranty.

Hopefully, the information above will help you make an informed decision on which pitching mound is the best one for your little league, academy, sport’s complex, middle school, high school, or college!