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First Pitch Baseline Baseball-Softball Pitching Machine

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Quick Overview

  • SKU: FP-01
  • Throws up to 70 MPH
  • Throws Real Baseballs and Softballs!
  • 360 Degree Swivel for Great Fielding Practice
  • Lightweight and Portable (Only 60 lbs!)
  • Backed by a 5 year warranty!

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First Pitch Baseline Baseball-Softball Pitching Machine

The First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine is a commercial grade machine at half the price. Many little leagues up to high schools rely on the Baseline for their training.

Batting Training Capabilities:

The First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine is great for little leagues, middle schools, and high schools. It is a combo pitching machine which means it can throw both baseballs and softballs (11 inch and 12 inch). The machine will come with reversible legs to sit high for baseball and low for softball. The legs clip in and are very easy to detach and reattach. It will also come with a baseball chute and a softball chute. It will take under a minute to switch over from baseball practice to softball practice and doesn’t require any tools!

The Baseline Pitching Machine can throw up to 70 MPH. The fully enclosed control panel has a speed dial with the numbers 0 through 7 which represents 0 to 70 MPH. The machine is run off a ¼ HP U.S.A made motor.

The First Pitch Baseline comes with a contour skid plate which makes it more accurate. The contour plate also increases the life of the baseballs or softballs used with the machine.

Fielding Training Capabilities:

The Baseline is able to do ground balls, pop-ups, fly balls, line drives, and catcher’s practice. It has a full 360 degree swivel which makes it perfect for all fielding practice. The spring loaded pivot point allows for easy, smooth adjustments. It enables you to go from grounds to third base to first base in a matter of seconds.

Wheel Type & Accuracy:

This machine comes with a full size tire which will ensure the tire will last a long time and improves the accuracy of the pitches.

Recommended Ball Type:

The First Pitch Baseline can use both real baseballs and softballs. The machine can also use dimpled balls.

At PitchingMachinesNow we recommend using real baseballs/softballs for any batting practice on the field and any fielding exercises in general. We prefer to use dimpled balls in the batting cage as they will last a very long time. Real balls will wear down since they are going through the machine and being hit over and over again. In the long run you will save some money by using dimpled balls in the cage.


The Baseline is fairly easy to move only weighing 60 pounds. The legs easily detach so that it can fit in a car or garage. There is a handle on the machine for easy carrying. We recommend that you DO NOT roll the machine on its wheel. This could cause damage to the wheel and affect the accuracy of the machine.


Comes with a 5 year warranty which covers all mechanical and electrical defects.


  • Ball Feeder – The ball feeder will hold up to sixteen baseballs and a dozen 11” and 12” softballs. The feeder will release the next ball every 8-10 seconds. The ball feeder is perfect if you are performing individual practice.
  • Transport Cart – To make the machine as easy to move as possible you can buy a transport cart.
  • Safety Screen – The safety screen will protect the pitching machine and the person feeding the machine. Perfect for batting cages in place of an L-Screen.