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Baseball Pitching Machines

Browse our selection of high end brand name Baseball Pitching Machines. We have one of the largest selections out there and we have the Best Pricing on the market. Some of the commercial grade brands that we offer are JUGS, Rawlings, and ATEC. We have Baseball Pitching Machines for sale for every age group and skill level. Below is a quick breakdown of just a couple of our top notch brands.

JUGS Baseball Pitching Machines are some of the most well-known machines on the market. They have a large range of machines to match all levels of play. Jugs offers entry level one wheel machines for younger ball players all the way up to their top of the line 2 wheel machines. Their starting machines consist of machines like the JUGS MVP and the JUGS JR. Baseball Pitching Machine. The JUGS MVP throws pitches anywhere from 20-52 mph and the JUGS Jr. throws 15-60 mph. Both of these machines come with a digital readout display and are compatible with real baseballs! Moving up to some of their higher end machines, they start to offer a variety of two wheel pitching machines like the JUGS BP™2 and the JUGS Combination Pitching Machine. The JUGS BP™2 can throw balls up to 90 mph and the JUGS Combo machine can throw balls up to 104 mph! Both of these machines have the ability to throw a huge variety of different pitch types and are compatible with both real and dimpled baseballs. All of JUGS Pitching Machines come with a high quality non-marking pneumatic tire.

Rawlings Baseball Pitching Machines makes some of the most heavy-duty Machines on the market. They offer both a two-wheel and a three-wheel machine that are both designed for high levels of batting practice. The Rawlings Pro Line Two Wheel Pitching Machine can throw pitches anywhere from 40-100 mph! It weighs in at just 70 pounds making it super portable. The Rawlings Pro Line 3 is one of the best Baseball Pitching Machines on the market. It can throw up to 100 MPH and can simulate just about every pitch imaginable. The Rawling Pro Line 3 features an iPitch electronic control panel making it extremely easy to set up any pitch at any speed.

ATEC makes very durable and high end commercial grade machines. They have machines that work for all age groups and skill levels. Their concave aluminum hub wheels are some of the best when it comes to accuracy and consistency. The concave tread increases the grip on the ball to ensure every pitch hits its spot. All ATEC Baseball Pitching Machines are compatible with both real and dimpled baseballs and will have precision accuracy with whatever you decide to use.

These are just a few of the many wonderful brands that we offer at Pitching Machines Now! Be sure to look around and check out the rest of our Baseball Pitching Machines for Sale.