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ATEC M1 Softball on Lowpod

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Quick Overview

  • Elite Travel and Recreational, Middle School and High School Players
  • Fastballs, Change-ups, and Curveballs
  • Great for Fielding Exercises
  • Concave Aluminum Hub Wheels
  • 5 Year Warranty


ATEC M1 Softball on Lowpod

Batting Training Capabilities:

The ATEC M1 Softball Pitching Machine is designed for elite travel and recreational, middle school and high school players. The machine is able to pitch up to 70 MPH and can go as low as 25 MPH. The speeds are calculated at 60 feet, 6 inches. Speeds will appear faster at little league pitching distances.

The ATEC M1 has the ability to throw fastballs, change-ups, and curveballs. It is one of only a few single wheel pitching machines that has the ability to throw curveballs. The M1 comes with a couple of nice features that makes throwing curveballs easy. The first feature is the Easy-Align labels which show the user how to adjust the pitching machine head to get the best break on curveballs. The second is the Center of Gravity feature which allows users to switch between the multiple pitches with ease.

The HD Ball Chute on the ATEC M1 maximizes ball visibility and improves hitters' timing.

Fielding Training Capabilities:

Not only is the M1 an elite level hitting trainer but it is also fantastic for fielding exercises. The M1 does a nice job with fielding drills as The defensive drills that this machine is capable of doing are fly balls, pop-ups, line drives, ground balls, and catcher blocking drills.

Due to the machine being able to throw at a high velocity, it is able to throw deep fly balls and very high pop-ups similar to what you will see during games.

Wheel Type & Accuracy:

Comes with concave aluminum hub wheels. The wheels on a pitching machine are very important on dictating the accuracy of the machine. The wheels on all the ATEC machines are the best of the best! The concave tread increases the grip on the ball to ensure great accuracy on all pitches.

This pitching machine is built with a durable steel frame. The rugged steel frame along with the wide base tripod absorb machine recoil. This is another reason why the M1 is spot on with its accuracy.

Recommended Ball Type:

The ATEC M1 works perfectly with real softballs. The concave wheels (as talked about above) makes it so the machine has great accuracy. The M1 can also use dimpled baseballs and foam practice balls. The ATEC Hi.Per Pro Baseballs (add-on option above) are designed to have perfect accuracy with all ATEC pitching machines and have the same feel as a baseball.

Here at PitchingMachinesNow we recommend using real softballs for any on field practice, whether it is hitting or fielding. For hitting practice in the cage it may be in your best interest to use dimpled softballs. Dimpled softballs are essentially indestructible. Real softballs will start to wear down going through the machine as well as being hit over and over again. You can obviously use real softballs in the cage but it might save you some money in the long run to use dimpled balls. Portability: The M1 is easy to move from the car to the field! It only weighs 50 pounds. The legs easily detach and reattach so it can fit into small areas and makes it even easier to carry.

Warranty: All ATEC pitching machines come with a 5 year warranty that protects its machines against manufacturer’s defects.