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International Shipping

For all international shipments we use Bongo International, a highly rated shipping forwarder.  Shipping with Bongo is safe, simple, fast, and affordable.  You simply create a Bongo account, and Bongo gives you a USA-based shipping address to use for your order.  We then ship to that USA address, and once Bongo receives your order they send it to you.  For more details, click the BONGO INTERNATIONAL logo below:


Once you place an order with us using the USA-based shipping address that Bongo provides you with, expect to receive tracking details via email within 1-5 business days. You will also receive an email from us if there are any questions or issues regarding your order. You will receive all correspondence regarding your order via email, but you can also use our order status page to look up your order and check for updates. Once Bongo receives your order, they will notify you of this and stay in touch with you throughout the remainder of the shipping process. Once your order has been delivered to your Bongo address, our involvement in the order process is complete. However, as always, you can feel free to contact us at any point.