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Choosing the right Pitching Machine for you

Here at Pitching Machines Now we know that buying a Pitching machine can be a big decision. When you are spending 500 to maybe even a couple thousand dollars, you want to feel confident in your purchase. That is why we decided to write this article. We want to help our customers narrow down their choices and be 100 percent satisfied with their purchase.

Pitching Machine

When it comes to choosing the right pitching machine it can get a little complicated with all of the options that are available. Luckily, we are here to help make the choice a little bit easier. Here at Pitching Machines Now we have all been around the sport since we could walk and we have spent countless amounts of hours studying and learning all of our different types of Pitching Machines. From what we have learned through our experience of both using and selling machines, there are a lot of different factors that play into the decision of which machines will best suit our customer’s needs.

The biggest factors that we have found to play a role are:

  • Cost
  • Age Group
  • Function
  • Brand


Of course the cost is always going to be on the list. For most people, the cost will play a big role in their decision when purchasing a pitching machines. We would all like to have a top of the line 3 wheel pitching machine that can throw any pitch imaginable at top speed of 100 mph, but on the other hand, not everyone wants or needs to spend $2,500+ dollars to get a machine. Well the good news is, there are other great options of machines out there that will be able throw the pitches and speeds you need at a fraction of the cost. In order to fully show this, we need to discuss those other three elements on the list!

Age Group and Function

JUGS Pitching Machine

These are two of the big factors that will play a role. We get a lot of customers that need guidance in this category. We often get costumers that are on two ends of the spectrum. There will be people that are looking at machines that are either way to advanced for their age group or machines that are way to basic for what they are looking for. If you have a son or daughter is new to the sport and just learning the basics, there is no need to be spending a huge amount of money to get a 2-wheel or 3-wheel machine that throws pitches that they won’t be seeing for years to come. For the younger age groups and the beginners, a single wheel machine like the First Pitch Baseline Baseball-Softball Pitching Machine or the ATEC M1 Pitching Machine would be a great option!

ATEC Pitching Machine

On the other end of the Spectrum are the players that are at the middle school, high school, and collegiate level. These are the players that know that this is the sport for them and they really want to take their game to the next level. These are the players that want to be looking into the 2-wheel and 3-wheel machines. We have had a number of customers that fall into this range that will order a single wheel machine and they will want to return it because they quickly realize that it just doesn’t have the capabilities that they need. At those levels, they are going to want a machine that will be able to throw a number of different pitches and speeds that will match what they are going to be up against in a real game.

Now for the biggest age group that needs to be addressed. That age that is right in the middle. The kids that are still playing little league, they have decided that this is the sport for them, and they are about to be entering into middle school or high school in the next couple years. This is where the biggest amount of customers go wrong. Since they are still in little league a lot of customers will look at the single wheel machines. Although it throws pitches and speeds that they are seeing now, I strongly suggest that if this is the sport for you, you should consider upgrading to a 2-wheel machine. In the long run this will be a money saver. There is nothing worse than buying a pitching machine and within a year or two it can no longer support the functions that they need.


A lot of customers will ask us what brand they should buy. We never recommend a specific brand to customers. Here at Pitching Machines Now we believe that all of the brands that we offer are top quality. We wouldn’t offer anything that we didn’t think was going to last and make our customers happy. When deciding which brand to buy, it should be about the functions that the machines offer. Each brand has their own cool features and styles and it is up to you to decide what you want out of the machines. Some machines are designed to be used for just batting practice where as there are machines that are made for defensive drills. Using the knowledge from above and the Brand break-down below, you can narrow down the type of machine and brand that will be best for you!

Our Brand Break-Down

    • ATEC Pitching Machines are some of the best commercial grade machines on the market. Their machines feature a concave aluminum hub wheels to get maximum grip on the and ensure phenomenal accuracy. Their defensive drill machines have Hi.Per aluminum discs which create a super-fast recovery time.

Choosing a Pitching Machine

    • Bata Pitching Machines make a variety of machines for all skill levels. Their revolutionary Goodyear Rubber Soft Tread pitching wheel allows these machines to throw will pinpoint accuracy. The wheels are also enclosed in heavy-duty solid steal to help protect the machines and ensure the safety of its users.

    • Bulldog Pitching Machines offer two Pitching Machines that are both great for the price. Both of the machines can be Baseball, Softball, or combination machine and are super easy to switch from one to the other. Both of the pitching machines feature a durable urethane wheel that eliminates air pressure issues and ensures top notch accuracy.

    • First Pitch Pitching Machines might be the best on the market for their price. They are made in the USA and the quality cannot be beat. On top of their excellent quality, they cost a fraction of the price of other top name bands!

    • Heater Sports offers a great recreational machine. They are extremely easy to use and are priced perfectly for what they are intended for. Pair one of their Pitching Machines with a Heater Xtender batting cage and you will have the perfect backyard batting practice set-up.

Curveball Pitching Machine

    • Iron Mike Pitching Machines are great for simulating the real game feel. Their machines have an arm-style system which allows you to see arms wind up with every pitch.

    • JUGS Pitching Machines are the most well-known machines on the market. If you have spent a lot of time around the ball field, chances are you have seen their iconic blue machine. Their machines feature a non-marking pneumatic tire and their Pitching Machines are made to last.

  • Spinball and Rawlings Pitching Machines are on the rise in the pitching machine world. All of their machines can pitch 100+ mph and they have some of the best accuracy on the market. They are lightweight and extremely portable making it easy to transport them on and off the field.

If you have any other questions about the specific features of our machines, feel free to chat us or call! We are here to find the perfect Pitching Machine for you.