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Portolite Pitching Mounds are made provide the best pitching experience. All Portolite Mounds are made with reinforced foam technology making them extremely light and portable. They also feature a no wear through poly build up in front of the rubber under the turf to reduce wear and tear on the mound.

The Portolite Economy Youth Mound is great for youth league play and practice. This mound weighs just 30 pounds making it easy to practice pritching anywhere! The Economy Youth Mound is manufactured with resilient polyethylene foams and a simulated rubber covering making it super durable. This mound is great for a quick easy way to convert any softball field into the perfect youth baseball field in just minutes.

The Portolite 4 Inch Game Mound is designed for baseball games on multi-use softball fields. This mound is perfect for kids between the ages of 8-12 years old. Portolite’s new poly rubbers are made to last 10 times longer so game never has to stop! The Portolite 4-inch game mound can be set up extremely quick and easily.

The Portolite 6-inch Game Pitching Mound is a high quality game mound. It features the new no wear through poly build up in front of the rubber. The new rubber is made to last 10 times longer and withstand all game play. The 6-inch game mound will feel great for any pitcher over 5 foot. This mounds weighs in at only 50 pounds making it super easy to move and set up.

The Portolite 2-Piece 10 Inch Practice Mound is great for getting in those extra repetitions anywhere. It is designed to be used indoors and will not leave any damage or scratches to gym floors. Its 2-piece construction makes it super easy to move with each piece weighing less than 50 pounds. Although it is easy portable, it still features a full body construction to make it feel strong and sturdy.

The Portolite 2-piece Practice Mound with turf has all of the same feature as the 2 piece 10 inch Practice mound with the addition of the high quality Astroturf. This mound has a cushioned landing area to reduce knee and ankle strain during practice. It also features the overlapping interlock design to ensure a strong hold.

The Portolite 10 Inch Oversize Indoor Practice Mound is a regulation height pitching mound. It features a large back area for pitchers to practice their pick off moves. Its level pivot area in front of rubber promotes good balance and has a cushioned landing to reduce knee and ankle strain. The 10-inch oversize indoor practice mound’s pieces each weigh less than 60 pounds per section.

The Portolite 10 Inch Full Wind-Up Pitching Mound is both an indoor and outdoor practice mound. It has original nylon AstroTurf and comes in either green or clay turf. Each half weighs less that 70 pounds per making it easier to move and store.

The Portolite 6-inch Full Length Game Mound turns any multi-use fields into a top notch baseball field. This mound is ideal for players 9-14 years old. The new Portolite rubbers last 10 times longer than the industry standards and are built to last. The Potolite 6-inch Full Length Game Mound uses Portolite’s reinforced foam technology and has the no wear through build up in front of rubber under the turf.

The Portoite 8-inch Game Mound is extremely durable and light weight. This mound amazingly only weighs 130 pounds. The mound meets the MLB’s recommended pitching slopes and is made with Portolite’s reinforced foam technology.

The Portolite 10 inch Game mound is the lightest 10-inch mound on the market. This mound meets the MLB recommended pitching slope, giving pitchers the feel of a regulation mound. Its built with Portolite’s reinforced foam technology and the highest quality Astroturf available. This beautiful mound only weighs 160 pounds making it super easy for field crew to mane