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First Pitch

First Pitch has a quality selection ranging from the Baseline up to the 2 Wheel Curveball Pitching Machine. All First Pitch Pitching Machines are commercial grade material and work great for little leagues, middle schools, high schools, travel teams, academies, and more.

The First Pitch Baseline is the least expensive pitching machine they carry. You will find that even though it is half the price of other machines in the industry, it still bring the same quality. It is great for both hitting and fielding drills. It can throw up to 70 MPH and the speed is easy to change with a dial. The machine has a 360 degree swivel which makes it perfect for fielding practice. It can throw both baseballs and softballs which makes it very convenient. The Baseline comes with a set of legs that are reversible going from tall (for baseball) to short (for softball) in half a minute or less. The Baseline will come with two different chutes, one for baseballs and the other for 11” and 12” softballs.

The First Pitch Original is more of an offensive training machine. It comes with all of the same features as the Baseline Pitching Machine except two things are different. The first difference is the speed. The Original is able to throw up to 80 MPH while the Baseline only goes up to 70 MPH. The second difference is the Original does not have a 360 degree swivel. This limits its ability to do fielding exercises.

The First Pitch XL is the best of both worlds. It combines the features of the Baseline and the Original to make a great single wheel pitching machine. The XL can throw up to 80 MPH and comes with the 360 degree swivel.

The First Pitch Curveball Pitching Machines are a different animal. They are all able to throw up to 105 MPH and will throw all types of breaking pitches along with fastballs. They all come with the 360 degree swivel and the dual handle makes it very easy to use for fielding practice. This machine is available as a baseball only, softball only, and as a combo (baseball & softball) pitching machine.

First Pitch also has their very own football machine. The football throwing and kicking machine is great for middle school, high school, and college coaches. It can throw spirals up to 80 MPH. You can also set the machine low to the ground to practice punting.

The machines are made in the U.S.A! First Pitch is so confident in their product that their whole product line is backed by a five year manufacturer’s warranty. You will absolutely love your First Pitch machine and you can sleep easily knowing that you got a commercial grade pitching machine at a great price.