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BATA Pitching Machines are high performance machines designed to be the most effective and user friendly machines on the market. All BATA Machines are extremely simple to set up, easy to adjust, and can be transported anywhere. They have Machines for every age and skill level starting with the one wheel BATA-1 and the way up to the 4 wheel BATA 2Pitch4. Every Pitching Machine is made of solid steel with no sand-casting or plastic on the frames or the stands. Their high powered motors are of US made with top of the line permanent magnet DC motors and solid-state electronic controls. BATA wheel are completely solid made of Goodyear Rubber tread made to have supreme precision.

The BATA-1 Pitching Machine can come in either softball, baseball, or the baseball/softball combo. This machines can deliver a fastball up to 62 mph from a 60 regulation mound with pinpoint accuracy. This makes it great for little leagues, travel teams, and school. It also features an adjustable pitching height and fits perfecting with the BATA auto ball feeder (Sold Separately). If you are looking for a machine to get great batting practice that can really pack a punch this would be a great machine for you.

The Bata B-1 Curveball Pitching Machine is a single wheel game changer. This machines can zip the ball in at top speeds of 70 mph. The most intriguing part about this machines is its ability to throw multiple breaking pitches. It can throw right/left handed curve balls, sliders and fastball. With the ability to mix up pitches, you will be able to master the art of hitting any breaking ball. This will help tremendously when entering into middle school, high school, and tournament team play.

The BATA B2 Series-C is the first major step into the commercial grade 2 wheel BATA machines. It can throw both fastballs and curveballs reaching high speeds of 90 mph! It has a fixed head allowing it to be tilted up and down which makes to able to use for batting practice and fielding drills. This machine can throw both regular and dimpled balls and is available for baseball and softball. This machine is the first step into the higher performance machines and would be best for travel teams, middle schools, high schools, and even college teams.

The BATA-2 Pitching Machine is one of the bestselling top of the line 2 wheel machines on the market. This machine can do it all; throw fastballs up to 100 mph, throw virtually any pitch, and can be used for all fielding drills. Its multi-directional swivel head with 3 independent operated pivot locks is the innovative design that allows this machine to do the things it does. This means that unlike the BATA B2 you can also be tilted sideways allowing users to almost any delivery angle possible. This machine can be used for all ages and skill levels. This professional grade machine can hang with any of the big boys.

The BATA-1 Twin Pitch Pitching Machine has a very interesting and unique design. It is essentially to BATA-1 pitching machines in one. This allows users to set up both wheels to pitch at different speeds without having to turn the dial. This will help players to work on speed changes and controlling bat speed. Like the BATA-1 both wheel still pitch up to 70 mph and can be tilted up or down to work on fielding exercises.

The BATA 2Pitch3 Baseball Pitching Machines is one of the best machines on the market for simulating Real-Game conditions. The 2Pitch3 is BATA’s most versatile machine. It can throw any pitch imaginable both left and right handed. All three wheel motors are on their own circuit board allowing for unbelievable precision and variety. This machine is used by a handful of major league teams. It amazing performance and unbeatable price cannot be matched. If you want to practice like a Pro this is the machine for you!

The BATA 2Pitch4 Pitching Machine is the same concept as the BATA-1 Twin Pitch. It features 2 double-wheel heads with speed controls for both wheels. Each head can throw up to 95 mph. Both of the heads tilt in unison up to 35 degrees in either direction. All of BATA’s machines are commercial grade machines and can pitch both real and dimpled balls. All of their machines are made in the U.S.A. and have a 5-year warranty. If you are looking for a high quality performance machine at a great price is the perfect place to find your BATA Pitching Machine!