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ATEC has a wide variety of pitching machines ranging from its two single wheel pitching machines (ATEC M1 Baseball & ATEC M1 Softball) to the ATEC M3 Professional Training Machine. All of ATEC’s pitching machines serve their own unique purpose. ATEC’s product line was thoroughly thought out with the customer in mind.

The ATEC M1 pitching machine comes as either a baseball or softball pitching machine. It is one of only a couple single wheel pitching machines that are able to throw breaking pitches. They can also throw up to 70 MPH making them great for recreational leagues, travel teams, middle schools, and high schools.

The ATEC R2 line is another great training tool that is specifically designed as a defensive training machine. The R2 can be used for batting practice as well but it focuses more on the defensive side of the game. The caddypod allows the machine to switch from one side of the field to other. If you are looking for a machine that is great for defensive drills this is the one for you!

The M2 is great for hitting and fielding training. Many high schools, academies, and colleges use the M2 for their teams. It has the ability to throw up to 90 MPH and can do all types of different breaking pitches as well as fastballs and change-ups.

The R3 is a defensive training machine for collegiate and professional use. It has all of the same benefits as the R2 pitching machine but with an extra 20 MPH on its top velocity. The R3 can throw up to 85 MPH and has a maximum fly ball of 345 feet.

The M3 Professional Pitching Machine is the last of a great line of pitching machines. This machine is used by professional players and is MLB licensed. It can throw up to 105 MPH and can throw fastballs, change-ups, curveballs, sliders, splitters, and knuckleballs. This machine is the best of the best and is beloved by all coaches that use it.

All ATEC Pitching Machines are great and what makes them better is that they are made here in the U.S.A!

All of their machines are commercial grade machines and are able to pitch real baseball or softballs. They also all come with concave wheels. Concave wheels are known for maximizing accuracy. They will also eliminate the recovery time the machine needs between pitches. The other nice thing about the concave wheels is that they are light and durable. With the wheels being light, all ATEC pitching machines are considerably lighter than similar machines in the industry. The durability is not to be outdone either as the wheels have proven to withstand the amount of training they are asked to do.

You will absolutely love whichever ATEC Pitching Machine you decide to go with. You will also receive a 5 year warranty with all of their pitching machines.