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Ball Feeders

A ball feeder is not a needed accessory with a pitching machine but it does come in handy in many different situations. Ball feeders are great because they allow the player to feed the ball feeder rather than feed the pitching machine itself. If you think you are going to be doing a lot of solo batting practice, without the help of a partner feeding the machine, you will need to get a ball feeder. Another scenario where a ball feeder is helpful is when a coach/parent wants to work on the player’s hitting mechanics. Rather than being behind a pitching machine, the ball feeder allows the coach/parent to stand wherever they please to get a better view of the batter’s swing.

The ball feeders work with the specific brand of pitching machine that you are using. You don’t want to buy a pitching machine of one brand and a ball feeder of another. For example, you wouldn’t want to buy the JUGS Ball Feeder for a BATA Pitching Machine.

Most of the pitching machines that we carry come with an optional ball feeder. All BATA Pitching Machines are compatible with the BATA Combo Ball Feeder. The BATA Combo Ball Feeder will hold up to 20 baseballs and 15 softballs. This ball feeder will deliver a ball through the pitching machine chute every six seconds. This gives the batter enough time to get set and ready to hit the next pitch. The other nice feature about the BATA Feeder is the cordless remote. The cordless remote allows you to stop and start the ball feeder. If the batter needs a break or a coach wants to give some instructions, they can just hit the stop button. The First Pitch Ball Feeder is compatible with all First Pitch Pitching Machines except the Football Machine. This ball feeder will hold up to 16 baseballs and 12 softballs. Make sure to choose whether you are using it with a single wheel or two wheel pitching machine.

JUGS has four different ball feeders. Two of the ball feeders are for their Lite-Flite Pitching Machines (one for baseball, one for softball). The other two are for their standard pitching machines (one for baseball, one for softball). The baseball feeders both hold up to 18 baseballs while the softball feeders hold up to 14 softballs. The downside of the JUGS Ball Feeders is that there is no ball feeder that works with both baseballs and softballs.

The Rawlings Ball Feeder is top notch. It has the ability to hold 35 baseballs and 29 softballs. It also includes a wireless remote used to turn the ball feeder on or off. It will work with any of the Rawlings Pitching Machines, including the Spinball Wizard. Ball Feeders can be a really useful tool. For anyone doing individual batting practice, they are essential. The feeders can get rather costly, so if you are unsure on whether you’ll need one you can always comeback and buy it later on.