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Hit A Home Run with Pitching Machines Now!

Pitching Machines Now has the largest selection of Pitching machines for sale on the internet! We sell all of the top brands for baseball and softball. We have a huge selection of products and the best part is that everything we offer included FREE SHIPPING. Take a look around and check out or Pitching Machines, Batting Cages, Pitching Mounds and more! All of the products that we sell on our site come with the LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEED! Our number one goal at Pitching Machines Now is to have 100% customer satisfaction so that you can focus on increasing your skills on the field.

Our Pitching Machines

Pitching Machines for Sale

Check out all of the amazing Pitching Machines that we have for sale. We have all of the top brands like JUGS, ATEC, Rawlings and so much more. We only offer pitching machines that we know our customers will be more than happy with. Every machine on our site is made to have top of the line quality and is built to last! We offer a huge variety of machines that are made for every level of play. Whether you need a Baseball Pitching Machine, Softball Pitching Machine, or a Combinations Pitching Machine, Pitching Machine Now has the right fit for you!

If you are looking for an entry level machines, take a look at our One Wheel Pitching Machines like:

These single wheel pitching machines are great for getting younger players started with batting practice!

For the more advanced players, check out our top of the line Two Wheel Pitching Machines that we offer like:

Pitching Machines

Every pitching machine that we offer comes with FREE SHIPPING and we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase. For more information about which machine is right for you, be sure to check out our article “Choosing the right pitching machine”. This article will give you a complete run down of how to narrow down your options and find a machine that will give you the most bang for your buck! If you still have any further questions, give us a call and our experts will be glad to find the right machine for your skill level and price range.

Our Pitching Mounds

Along with the amazing selection of pitching machines we have for sale, we also have many excellent options of portable pitching mounds. We offer every type of mound imaginable! Whether you need a backyard practice mound, a practice mound for the gym, or a full sized regulation game mound, we have it here on Pitching Machines Now. We have mounds that have all different heights to ensure that every level of player will be able to find the right mound for them.

We have mounds starting at 4 inches high. These mounds are great for practicing anywhere because they are small, light weight, and easy to store. Some of our 4-inch Mounds option are:

Our next size up are the 6 inch mounds which is the official size of little league. We have many different options for 6-Inch Game Mounds.

8 inch mounds are next size up from the 6 inch mounds. They are generally used for the players that are playing on the 50/70 sized fields. Here are a few of our High Quality 8-Inch Portable Mounds:

Our biggest mounds are our full sized regulation 10 inch mounds. These mounds are used by middle schools through the professional level. We have a huge selection of both 10-inch Game Mound and Practice Mounds.

10-inch Baseball Game Mound

Another great type of mound that we have in all different heights are the BP mounds. These mounds are often overlooked but they will make batting practice feel like you’re are in a real game. Pair one of these BP mounds with of our Baseball Pitching Machines to take batting practice to the highest level. Using both the BP mound and a Pitching machine will give batters the view of a pitch coming in from an elevated surface and the release point that they would be seeing from real pitchers. Take a look at some of the awesome BP Practice Mounds:

Every pitching mound that we offer is made to the highest of standards and we only offer the top quality brands available. Search through some of our best mound brands like Pitch Pro, ProMounds, and Portolite. For more information about which portable pitching mound we be best for you check out our article on “Choosing the right pitching mound”.

Our Batting Cages

Once you find the perfect Pitching Machine and Pitching Mound, take a look at our batting cages. We offer Heater batting cages which are great for the backyard and at home practice! Heater batting cages can be paired with a Heater pitching machine for the perfect practice set. Heater batting cage nets come with a built-in pitching machine harness that makes it super easy to hook up to any Heater machine. Their flexible fiberglass rod design allows for a quick set up so you can start practicing in no time!

If you are looking for a heavy duty cage, check out our selection of Cimarron Batting Cages! Cimarron has a selection of all different sizes so finding the right one for your field or yard is not a problem. They also have both in-ground and free standing cages so they have plenty of options to choose from. Pair this with one of our Superior Pitching Machines for sale and create the perfect package for you.