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Iron Mike C-82 Pitching Machine

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Quick Overview

  • SKU: C-82
  • Designed for on field or backyard practice
  • Has a 25 Ball Capacity
  • Adjustable between 20 and 60 MPH


Iron Mike C-82 Pitching Machine

The model C-82 Iron Mike baseball pitching machine is designed for on-field or backyard practice and is a compact, inexpensive trainer for the kids. It has a 25 baseball capacity; pitching speeds can be adjusted between 20 and 60 mph.

All of our Master Pitching Machines are arm-style, which means with each pitch you see the machine's arm wind up and release the ball. This gives the batter the same sense of timing acheived by watching the pitcher's arm and release of the ball. It is the realistic nature of the machine (the only type of pitching machine of its kind) that allows you to practice the same fundamentals during practice as you use on the field during a real game.

We also carry baseballs for our Iron Mike baseball pitching machines. Our unique dimpled "softuf" baseballs will not dent aluminum bats. They are softer than most urethane balls for safety, but tough and durable enough for batting satisfaction. This ball is made to minimize the sting from the handle of aluminum bats for a long-term batting practice.