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Heater makes a great backyard pitching machine and batting cage. All of Heater’s products are affordable and high quality. Heaters line of pitching machines include five baseball, one, and one baseball-softball combo pitching machine. They also have wide range of batting cages going from 20 feet long to 72 feet long.

The Heater BaseHit Pitching Machine sells for only $199.99. The BaseHit is recommend for five year olds and older. The machine can pitch up to 45 MPH and comes with an automatic ball feeder. The automatic ball feeder delivers a ball every 10 seconds. It also has an adjustable pitch height knob that allows you to get the exact pitch height you are looking for. The Heater Jr. is the upgraded model of the BaseHit. It can throw an additional three MPH faster, going up to 48 MPH. The Jr. also has a heavy duty steel tripod compared to the plastic tripod of the BaseHit.

The Heater Real Baseball Pitching Machine is when you start getting into a high quality machine. It comes with the galvanized steel tripod but also has an impact-resistant housing that completely encloses the wheel. The ball feeder is also heavy duty and will hold up to a dozen baseballs. The Heater Real pitches up to 52 MPH and runs off of a ¼ HP motor.

The Heater Softball Pitching Machine is the lone softball pitching machine that Heater carries. It will pitch both 11” and 12” softballs. It will pitch up to 50 MPH and runs off a ¼ HP motor. The machine can be tilted to throw grounballs, line drives, and fly balls.